I’m Camilla.
As a wedding photographer I have the privilege to being surrounded by beauty every day I’m at work. It’s soft, filled with light. It’s emotional and evocative.
Shooting a wedding It’s a romantic dance between stolen moments of beautiful imperfections, a pinch of tears of emotion and the quiet moment of true perfection that sparkles the heart of two lovers standing together for the very first time. That’s why I love my job. It’s like being able to frame visual poetry in a single click of a button for you to remember it.

I’ve been travelling around the world. I lived in Canada for almost three years, refining my style working side by side with award winning photographers shooting couples from different cultures and religions. I’ve watched endless sunsets and dawns and filled my mind and soul with ideas and inspirations I’ve never thought they could exist.


I will use my imagination and my signature style to give you a genuine, true portrait of one of the most important days of your life. I will be discreet, using a photo journalistic method to collect candid memories and a bit of fine art approach to guide you through the couple session, always true to your persona and never imposing something that you are not. I will be the silent storyteller of your day of magic. Each picture a word of that kind of love that you will find only in that little smile on your mother’s face, in the laugh between children playing, in the wind that embraces a kiss from your beloved. In the thousands, unforgettable moments that will make that day the one and only.

Every wedding is a unique story.
I’m interested in yours!

Let’s create something beautiful together!

Currently accepting weddings, portrait sessions and editorial projects.

If you are looking to collaborate on a creative project please contact me.